Maria Frances

MariaFrancesca Repucci is a highly skilled real estate agent specializing in residential properties in central, downtown, and west Austin. With a passion for new construction projects, luxury properties, and downtown condominiums sales, MariaFrancesca brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every transaction. She is an adept negotiator known for her calm and straightforward approach, attentive listening, and commitment to educating and empowering her clients throughout the sales process. She strives to ensure that every transaction leaves her clients feeling assured and satisfied while building lasting relationships that extend beyond the closing.

MariaFrancesca's dedication extends beyond her real estate career. She remains committed to serving the medical community through philanthropy and service. Additionally, she is actively involved in the prestigious Austin Art League and the historic Paramount Theatre, contributing to the city's vibrant cultural landscape.

Outside of work, MariaFrancesca embraces life with a vivacious and curious spirit. She enjoys indulging in traditional Italian cooking, exploring language learning, engaging in artistic and musical projects, embarking on global travel, and actively connecting with the Austin community. As a certified sommelier, she has a passion for fine dining and wine and frequently travels to explore various wine regions worldwide.
MariaFrancesca's success in the real estate industry stems from her unwavering commitment to excellence and her profound knowledge of the Austin market. Ultimately, MariaFrancesca is a relationship-driven professional who delivers exceptional client-oriented service and establishes enduring connections. Her exceptional ability to understand her clients' needs, combined with her dedication to providing outstanding service, make her a standout achiever within the industry.

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